HIV Aids

Information Education & Communication (IEC)

The State is a medium prevalence state with concentrative type of HIV epidemic. Providing Information Education and Communication (IEC) to the masses, mainstreaming and Behavior Change Communication (BCC), to the vulnerable population are the key approaches in the state. For creating awareness about prevention and control of HIV/AIDS through various IEC activities are organized in Ahmedabad viz. displaying messages through Media.

Mass Media

Audio/Video spot on FM/Radio/TV, Scroll Message on TV, News paper Advt., SMS, Social Media.

Mid Media

Hiring Folk Troupes & Exhibition.

Outdoor Media

Permanent/ Rented Hoarding, LED Hoarding, Advt. on Bus and Train Panels/ Shelter.

Printing Materials

Brochures, Flip-charts, Posters, Booklet, Leaflet etc.

HIV Aids

Mainstreaming & Youth

No man is an island, the old line goes. In the public arena, there is an analogue: no cause, no mission can exist in isolation. Without its acceptance by society, without a variety of institutional and individual stakeholders taking ownership of it, no health issue can be truly challenged or mainstreamed. The Indian experience of HIV/AIDS is telling in this respect. Substantial progress has been made in prizing open the silent spaces, encouraging conversation about the virus and its implications. Yet, to understand mainstreaming one has to be clear of what it entails. Simply put, mainstreaming is recognition of the reality that HIV/AIDS is not just a medical or public health issue, to be left to doctors and scientists. It is a process that has an impact on and, therefore, necessitates response from all sectors, whether now or in the future. It has, both internal and external implications for each sector. Ahmedabad is implementing various projects/programmes in coordination with different Government and Privet departments.

Mainstreaming & Social Protection

The scale of the HIV problem is beyond the reach of the health sector alone and there is an urgent need for a multi-sectoral response to stabilizing the epidemic and address its negative impact on the social and economic fabric of the country.


Multi-sectoral responses or ‘integrated responses’, to HIV interventions worldwide are proving to be a more effective way in dealing with susceptibility to HIV infection, as well as mitigating the burden of the disease on affected communities.


Vision for mainstreaming is Harmonized and coordinated multi-sectoral national response to achieve NACP goal of accelerating reversal and integrating response. Key constituencies for the NACP on its Mainstreaming and Partnership Strategy are Government, civil society and corporates.

Key Activities Of Mainstreaming Division Of AMC ACS

Key Achievements