HIV Aids

Strategic Information Management Unit (SIMU)

Evidence based planning is the key element of halting and reversing the spread of HIV/AIDS epidemic in the state under National AIDS Control Program (NACP). Hence Strategic Information Management Unit (SIMU) is established at Gujarat State AIDS Control Society to maximize effective use of all available data/information and prepare evidence based action plan for effectual implementation of HIV/AIDS Programme in the state. SIMU – GSACS integrates all available sources of data/information and presents logical and rational strategic information useful for decision making. The output from SIMU addresses strategic planning, monitoring and evaluation, surveillance and research and assist GSACS in tracking the HIV/AIDS epidemic and the effectiveness of the response as well as assess how well GSACS and its partner organizations are fulfilling their commitment to meet agreed objectives.

Strategic Information Management System – SIMS on-line Software at Reporting Unit Level

National AIDS Control Organization has introduced Strategic Information Management System (SIMS) on-line system at national and state levels to focus on strategic planning, monitoring, evaluation, surveillance and research. It is aimed to provide effective tracking and response to HIV epidemic. This system assigns clear responsibilities to all programme officers and facilitates data flow and feedback at various levels. Also being on-line data entry in SIMS, the data accessibility at each level will increase.

HIV Aids

Store Department (STORE)

After completion of procurement process, the most important task is to store the goods (e.g. consumables, IEC, condoms, Blood Bags etc.) in a place where its basic features and utility is maintained. The main activities of Store department are receipt of medical consumables, equipments and printing materials and to store these items at storing locations and supply it to peripheral units of GSACS. Proper care is taken during receipt, storage and distribution of goods and consumables.